Solar energy

Solar panels have an increasing share in the Netherlands' electricity needs. Batenburg provides safe connections in the field of electrical and energy engineering with knowledge and experience. We do this from the inverters (low voltage 400V-800V) to the connection of the local grid operator (10kV-33kV).

Batenburg focuses on the design, realisation and long-term maintenance of electrical installations for solar systems on roofs, carports, fields and floating installations. We do this for developers of solar systems, EPCs and owners of the land or roof, for example.



"We like to be involved in projects at an early stage so that we can work together with our customers on an optimal design. For example, together we look at a good division between medium- and low-voltage power in order to keep costs as low as possible. Our goal in this is to build long-term relationships with our customers."

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PV solutions
Transformer substations

Transformer substations

Batenburg Installatietechniek provides the e-infrastructure for sustainable energy solutions, such as solar energy. Our transformer substations form the housing of installations, transformers or a technical room in which data cabinets are stored.

Prefabricated, but durable

Our transformer substations are prefabricated and almost always provide a tailor-made solution for grid operators, industrial companies and/or the horticultural sector. They can also often be found in urban areas.

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Inverter station