The Netherlands wants to get rid of gas, more PV panels are being installed or wind turbines are being operated. Either way, medium and high voltage is going to play a bigger role in a company as a result of the energy transition. This provides a lot of challenges: what do you have to take into account? And what are the implications for voltage levels on the grid? Do I need energy storage?

Advice and design

The smart and forward-looking design of a medium- and high-voltage installation is our goal. With our expertise and extensive experience in medium- and high-voltage installations up to 36kV in various sectors, our specialists can provide advice in order to arrive at a clear and appropriate recommendation. Think, for example, of drawing up a sketch design with a corresponding budget budget to quickly consider several possibilities, but also of drawing up a detailed design including cable loss calculations, short-circuit calculations, selectivity calculations, grid studies, safety settings, and so on.


Besides advising and designing, Batenburg also specialises in realising new installations and/or realising expansions to existing installations. Batenburg Energietechniek specialises in setting up and supplying medium-voltage rooms and compact stations. These can be linked with our cable accessories. The combination of supply and installation allows us to carry out projects from A-Z under our own management. This includes the placement and installation of switchgear, the laying of cabling, the performance of jacket and tension tests, the realisation of final connections, the performance of the necessary civil works and the commissioning of the installation.

Service and maintenance

Having a reliable power supply is very important for a company to function properly, as a breakdown can have a very significant impact on the continuity of operations. Batenburg focuses on performing periodic preventive and corrective maintenance.


Performing periodic preventive maintenance increases the reliability, safety and availability of the installations present on site.

The maintenance that can be performed by Batenburg Installatietechniek consists of, for example, annual visual inspections, measurements and tests, thermographic inspections, cleaning, ultrasonic measurements and switching work. These activities are scheduled annually in advance, can be viewed in our online service portal and after each visit we will provide you with a maintenance report so you are always aware of the condition of your installation.


In addition to performing preventive maintenance, we have a breakdown service that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to be ready with specialist knowledge and well-trained staff so that our customers' business processes can continue to run as smoothly as possible.

Installation responsibility

As an employer/owner, you are responsible for the safety of your staff and other people and/or animals who come near your electrical installations. The Working Conditions Act stipulates this. You can fulfil this responsibility by managing your electrical installation according to the NEN3140 / NEN3840 standard. This sets out how to responsibly manage and maintain your installation.

Organising and carrying out installation responsibility has more advantages. Not only does it cover your legal responsibility, but the operational management of your installation is better monitored and assessed. And with proper management and maintenance, this results in fewer failures and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Batenburg can support you in fulfilling this responsibility, for example by carrying out periodic inspections of the installations, performing zero measurements when accepting new installations, commissioning and decommissioning installations, carrying out supervision, granting access to authorised persons and providing key management.

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