Rail infrastructure

Energy distribution and safety is our focus within rail infrastructure. Applications include metro, tram, light rail, heavy rail and trolleybus. The products are installed in the overhead line, gantry, substructure, the substation and in rolling stock.

The railway track

Our certified Cembre rail contact system is used along the track for both energy supply and signalling. The system includes the innovative rail contacts, special terminal lugs (with or without connection cables) as well as all the necessary installation tools.  Together with our training and certification partners, we ensure a 24/7 sustainable connection in the most extreme conditions.

Overhead line

You can see our TENSOREX C+ guying system, suspension and support joints, insulators and surge arresters mounted in the existing overhead line of train, tram, and trolleybus. Our earthing and short-circuit equipment is used for safe working, of course after first being secured with the familiar voltage tester for AC or DC.


In the substations, you can see our traction transformers and medium-voltage switches that are connected by means of the familiar cable terminations for use in Light and Heavy rail and the 2DIREKT technology on the low-voltage side. For your safety, we work with the voltage testers, phase comparators and earthing short-circuit equipment for medium and low voltage.

Our focus

The decommissioning is a short period of time within which work can be performed. The contractor as client is under enormous time pressure, while safety and reliability are paramount. Through the use of our products, Batenburg Energietechniek contributes to making work simple and reliable.

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