EV charging

Electric car charging creates high energy demand and thus overloads the power grid. We ensure that you can safely and scalably realise your smart grid by preventing this overload.

Electric charging and charging infrastructure are part of an ecological and sustainable future. Hotel, supermarket and car park car parks are increasingly full of electric vehicles. Corporate car parks are also increasingly using electricity. Now it is up to you to provide the essential EV charging equipment to build a charging station infrastructure. But the necessary network expansion is time-consuming and costly.


How to power your electric fleet quickly and efficiently without expensive grid expansion.

Charging infrastructure for e-mobility

The increasingly powerful batteries of electric vehicles mean more and more energy is needed. But the higher the battery performance, the higher your load peaks will be and the better your load management should be. Now you need to create efficient EV charging stations for electric vehicles and power them reliably.

Using our energy storage systems, the available energy is temporarily stored to supply the electric vehicles with the necessary power during the fast charging process - this ensures grid-friendly and parallel EV charging of multiple electric vehicles.

This saves both the cost of a conventional grid extension and a lot of time to implement it.


Charging points

At home, at work or locally wherever you want, Batenburg Energietechniek supplies various systems of charging, from slow charging to super fast charging, whether or not tailored to the desired time of day.

The number of charging station types means there is always a suitable tailor-made solution available. Batenburg Energietechniek provides installation services for various types of charging stations. This ranges from passenger cars to electric buses or trucks. Our specialists will be happy to visit you to see what the possibilities are.

We specialise in the following:

  • Charging stations/poles
  • AC chargers up to max. 22kW
  • DC fast chargers up to 450kW
  • Energy management
  • Excavation and paving
  • Street coating
  • Infrastructure design
  • Inspection and maintenance


With battery storage, you provide a simple and sustainable charging infrastructure

The combination of transformers, substations, connections and energy storage to be supplied by Batenburg Energietechniek enable a total solution to make optimum use of energy.


With our organisation, we are ready for service 24/7 and regular maintenance is tightly scheduled with you.

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