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Cable terminals require special attention, whether we will create a link or connect them to an installation, they must be finished carefully and precisely.

Cable terminations

Cable terminations

Cables with a conductor insulation screen must have a correct field finish in the cable termination. Straight end fittings, in heat shrinkage or cold shrinkage, correct fittings tailored to the ambient conditions and voltage class are supplied from stock. The connection is shielded by an insulated boot.  With high voltage, other factors play a role in determining the correct fitting, self-supporting or supported, with or without a surge diverter. We provide advice on cables and their use.

You can read more about cable terminations here:

NKT Hulpmaterialen
SOTCable terminations Roll springs
TCCable terminations Braided wire
Elcon Megarad Shrink fittings
 Heat shrinkable cable terminations Connector fittings
Elbow cable connectors


Plug-in cable connectors for 3kV max. 1250A to 550kV max. 4000A for use in transformers, switchgear. They are fully touch-proof and upon request available as an “offshore” version. These are used for a wide range of extreme conditions, including offshore HVDC platforms. Our Connex system provides you with many advantages, such as quick installation in the event of a disaster, high-voltage emergency systems. Testing of the installations is simplified by reducing the number of system disassembly operations. Configurations as cable terminations, through joints as well as T-joints are available so whatever your requirement, there is always a solution. For detailed advice, please contact our account manager.

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High-voltage accessories
Connector joints

Connector joints

Cable joints for the medium voltage are available in many shapes and sizes, for example for renewing XLPE cables, transitions from GPLK to XLPE and transitions between 3 and 1 phase cables.

Because of differences in the cables, several accessories are required, and we will provide advice on which materials are suitable for this purpose.

We offer cable joints for all voltage levels and based on different techniques, we can offer the right joint for every cable.

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MV joints LV joints
NKT ISO-elektra
Sliding joints Hard shell joints
Cold shrinkable joints  
Elcon Megarad  
Heat shrinkable joints  
Shrink tubes
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With cables and installations, the connection determines your reliability, safety and quality. Cable connections can be found at all occurring voltage levels, in direct and alternating current (DC-AC). If it is about connecting a house to the energy net with the “ring clamp" with more than 50 years of experience or if it is the plug-in connection “Connex” that is used on Offshore wind farms to the high-voltage connections up to 380kV.

A reliable connection is created by cooperation of the correct contact technique, suitable cable fittings, cable preparation with the right tools and assembly according to the current instructions. With or without certified technicians.


A connection is custom-made, conductors and conditions differ per make and application. Batenburg Energietechniek gives you the guidance to establish a reliable connection. Call or email our specialists for personal and situational advice.


Would you like to become a certified technician for our products? Or do you want more information about our products? Ask our account manager for advice.