Distribution cabinets

We are a supplier of public lighting distribution cabinets and have specialised for years in engineering, the assembly and supply of distribution cabinets for the public space. We supply these in various designs, both in stainless steel and in plastic with an IP-2X- or Halyester distributor with various options.

The distribution cabinets are an essential part of the electrical distribution infrastructure. For instance, for the energy networks in buildings, for street lighting and charging systems for electric cars.

The distribution system in our cabinets is based on a well thought-out, compact and modular design. The flexible rail design allows the space in the cabinets to be optimised for any application. This enables easy installation of the low-voltage distribution system, such as switchgear, connectors and a wide range of accessories, depending on your situation.

Safety and design

Safety and design

Our solutions are installed in the streetscape and exposed to the most demanding environmental conditions. This includes, for instance, withstanding the high temperatures that build up in such a cabinet in summer. The cabinets ensure proper ventilation and disperse the heat. At the same time, it concerns power supply in the public space and safety is the number one priority.


The challenge is to design a cabinet that can be used for multiple purposes. Since this cabinet is designed in a modular way, it can be used in a wide range of applications. The cabinet is easy to install.