In the field of energy technology, we speak of low, medium and high voltage. However, nowadays everything above 1kV AC is officially high voltage and below that it is considered low voltage. Medium voltage is a term often used to describe the voltage range between 1 and 24 kV AC. The term is also used by manufacturers to provide a simple description of switchgear.

Switchgear primary distribution

Our air-insulated switchgear for primary distribution are designed in accordance with the current IEC 62271 standard and are a reliable link in the primary distribution of energy and are used in a variety of demanding situations.

Our switchgear are used, for example, by industrial customers, grid operators for generation and distribution, but nowadays also for wind and solar parks.



Our single rail version of ZPUE is available from 12 to 36 kV and a maximum rail current of 2500A and a maximum short-circuit current of 31.5kA-3s. The double-rail version of ZPUE is also available in 12 kV up to a rail current of maximum 2500A and maximum short-circuit current of 31.5kA-3s.

Features of the switchgear:

  • Air-insulated rail system (single or double)
  • Indoor installation and degree of protection up to IP4X
  • Construction made of galvanized steel plates, fastened with rivets
  • Continuity of operation during operation - LSC2B (three compartments of the primary circuit)
  • High safety for the operating personnel
  • Internal arc class IAC AFLR
  • Interlocks and protection against unwanted switching operations
  • Possibility to place against a wall (access to cable connection only from the front of the panel)
  • Wide variety of fields and equipment to be used
  • Easy to expand with one or more fields
  • Ability to change a switch field without the need to switch off adjacent fields
  • Easy operation

Medium-voltage systems

Medium-voltage systems can be divided into primary (In 1250-3150A) and secondary (In 630-1250A) distribution, with the secondary distribution often being implemented with the aid of a Ring Main Unit because of its compactness. This is particularly the case in the industrial sector, where high voltage is fed into the power supply, but where it is fed through as medium voltage. Examples include RELF, Rotoblok, RXD and TPM.


Low-voltage distributor

Low-voltage solutions are common in industry, utilities and business connections from 250 to 400 ampere. Low-voltage components include low-voltage systems and the associated components. Touch-proof low voltage racks or switch boxes, also known as outdoor cabinets are also common in low-voltage equipment.

Retractable systems

As expressed in the well-known phrase “time is money”, the ability to switch quickly is vital in the industrial sector. To enable quick handling, retractable systems can be used. The advantage of retractable systems compared to normal fixed installations is that these racks and cabinets allow components to be quickly pulled out and replaced. This allows outages to be remedied quickly while reducing the risk of damage.