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The people working at Batenburg Energietechniek are committed employees who work with pride and drive. We are regularly on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and motivated people who feel at home in a flat organisational structure with short lines of communication. The culture in our company is open, direct and no-nonsense. We are practical and think in terms of solutions.

Excellent primary and secondary employment conditions and opportunities for growth and promotion make Batenburg a very attractive employer. Our employees work closely together, they have a great sense of responsibility and they support each other. This results in a pleasant working climate. Working at Batenburg Energietechniek means space for personal input and ample opportunities for growth.

Internship and graduation

We want to help to nurture young talent. If you are interested in internship and graduation opportunities, we would be happy to offer you the opportunity to gain experience.

Internship and Graduation

We also want to help to nurture young talent. If you are interested in internship and graduation opportunities, we would be happy to offer you the opportunity to gain experience.

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What our employees say

Joost van der Poel

Joost van der Poel

Account manager

My name is Joost and I successfully completed the Commercial Engineer in Electrical Engineering course in 1996. I have been working at Batenburg Energietechniek (formerly known as Seher) since 2006, I worked at a sister company at the time and came into contact with the company through a joint trade fair. It immediately clicked with the people, the products and, equally important, with the customers. To this day, I do not regret the transfer.

I started as an account manager for industrial clients such as Shell, BP, Dow and the major contractors. I am now an account manager and responsible for one of the three large energy grid companies.

Demonstrating decisiveness and taking responsibility

The position of account manager covers a very broad concept. It entails, of course, the ultimate responsibility for the ins and outs of your customer, but also a part of the development of the products. We do this together with the suppliers, or rather with the partners. This means that from beginning to end, you are involved in the development of new products, facets of which are; prototyping, testing at the customer’s premises, type testing in a laboratory, assembly of the end product and drawing up assembly instructions. When the product is finally ready, the users, often the installation engineers, must be trained in the installation of our solution.

Get the best out of yourself

You are involved in and responsible for the entire process, and that is what makes it so rewarding to work at Batenburg Energietechniek. It is a job that entails responsibility and offers plenty of challenges to get the best out of yourself day after day.

Patrick Borsje