Reactive current compensation

Installing capacitor batteries and capacitor banks prevents unnecessary damage to your electrical installations, unnecessary energy losses and therefore unnecessary costs. In addition, improving your energy consumption contributes to CO2 reduction and thus saving the environment. Lower energy consumption also means lower costs on your energy bill and therefore a better operating result.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Less energy loss and thus a lower energy bill
  • Less overload and overheating of your electrical systems ensures a longer lifespan of your systems
  • More connection options without the need to apply for a higher connection capacity
  • It compensates for rapidly varying loads on the energy grid
  • Lower energy consumption contributes to CO2 reduction
  • It improves your Power Quality
Capacitor battery

Capacitor battery

Capacitor batteries are installed to compensate for the Cos Phi factor in the low-voltage grid. This improves the efficiency of the electrical system and reduces costs. The installation of a capacitor battery is particularly advantageous in the case of electrical systems causing induction loads. Cos Phi compensation, also referred to as reactive current compensation, ensures optimal use of the installation capacity.

Capacitor bank