Insulated busbar systems

A fully insulated busbar system like DURESCA is used to connect medium- or high-voltage equipment reliably and safely. Such as generators, power transformers or primary switchgear. When dealing with voltage levels from 12 to 170kV combined with high currents (from 800 to around 8000A), the use of cables is not always the ideal solution.

Compact system

By comparison, a common single-core power cable 630mm² Al 12/20kV laid in the open air in flat plane can carry a continuous allowable current of some maximum 940A, has a diameter of some 53 mm and a bending radius of some 900 mm. In addition, an insulated busbar system is more compact. If we want to connect a 40MVA 20/10 kV power transformer to the 10 kV (In~2300A) with 630 mm² Al cables, we need 3 parallel cables per phase, just as simply put. With the insulated IP67 rail system DURESCA 12 kV-2500A-Al and a diameter of 106mm/phase, a bending radius of 400mm, three single-phase rails allow for much more compact construction and space savings. Quick and easy assembly also saves on assembly work.

Due to production and manageability during assembly, rail systems are assembled to a maximum length of 10 metres. In cases where many bends or little space is available, cylinder-shaped field-controlled connecting sleeves are used to connect the busbars.

As every situation is different, this rail system is always tailor-made to customer specifications and different versions are possible. This means that in addition to the electrical requirements, a request is always made for the routing of the busbar, specifying the lengths and number of bends. Sometimes it is not possible to get all the details in advance, but of course we also have a solution for that. However, before starting the job, it is in everyone's interest that the right thing is produced. That is why an exact on-site measurement is then carried out, so that on delivery the busbars fit seamlessly and the customer's installations can be commissioned on time.

Batenburg Energietechniek has represented Moser & Glaser Company (MGC) for decades and successfully supplies such systems to both energy companies and industrial clients in the Netherlands.

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