About us

Batenburg Energietechniek supplies components and systems that are used in the electricity distribution network: from power generation to local connection. We supply our energy-technical solutions to Transmission (TSO) and Distribution (DSO) grid companies and clients in the Solar, E-mobility, E-infrastructure, Public Transport, and Wind markets. Our products undergo heavy type testing to ensure they comply with the latest applicable standards. Technical innovations are developed in collaboration with our clients and implemented into a new standard. This is our contribution to enabling clients to take the next step in the energy transition.

Our focus

We focus on customer/market-specific solutions that are created through the combination of our global network, our many years of experience and the know-how of our suppliers. To ensure our products can be used reliably, they are normally tested according to current standards, while tests are also established and run according to the requirements of the customer. The KortSluitRing® is an example of innovation that results in a safer working environment. This way, we help customers take the next step in the energy transition.

Our markets & product range

Together with our suppliers, Pfisterer, NKT, Cembre, ZPUE, DKC and many others, we supply (composite) components and systems.

Components such as cable tap off connectors, connection technology, cable joints, terminations, cable tools, tools for safe working, crimping material, flexible connectors and cable distribution boxes are (partly) supplied from stock.

Systems such as switch cabinets, busbar systems, transformers and transformer substations are customer-specific solutions that we will gladly assemble in consultation with you.

Our energy-technical solutions are used, among other things, to generate sustainable energy. We deliver the complete product package to the e-infrastructure. From cable lug to completely furnished substations. We operate in the offshore and naval sectors where we supply the entire chain from power transformers to safety materials and are prescribed by ProRail in the rail infrastructure with a wide range of products.

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