In our work, safety is vitally important, especially when working in the distribution network. Voltage is everywhere and we need to make sure that it is de-energised and safe to be present and to work. It goes without saying that the regulations in force determine locally which working method is necessary for your and our safety in each situation.



To determine whether your situation is voltage-free, we have a large number of variants of voltage indicators, testers for both direct voltage DC and alternating voltage AC. It obviously also depends which installation or condition is tested, for which we offer a variant of our well-known KP-TEST5. Continuous voltage indicators can be realised for the switch or transformer of any project to allow remote reading and monitoring.

Phase comparisons

In order to gain insight into the different phases, single pole phase comparators are available. We also offer a system that allows the phases to be read continuously.

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Voltage testers

Phase comparators

Earthing and short circuiting
Innovation- ShortCircuitRing®

Innovation- ShortCircuitRing®

Due to the situation with feed-in to the low-voltage grid, a circumstance has arisen in which no single-sided earthing or switching off is safe anymore in the installation pit; a feed-in via a home or office can take place at any time due to the available solar panels or energy storage. In cooperation with our partners, Batenburg Energietechniek has developed the ShortCircuitRing® (Short Circuit Ring), which was tested according to the standard and is now “patent pending”. When used in the installation trench, the ShortCircuitRing® will provide a visible, safe short-circuit safety device ensuring work can be performed safely. See YouTube for more information or ask for a demonstration in your own installation trench.

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Surge arrester
VDE insulated tools

VDE insulated tools

Installation of the terminals in the low-voltage grid must be done with 1000V insulated tools. Whether you need socket spanners, ratchet spanners, inside hexagonal spanners supplemented with personal protective equipment such as a helmet, face shield and gloves, we offer a complete range for your personal safety. Ask our account managers for advice.

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VDE tools

Personal protective equipment