CSR is a universal issue. Everywhere around us. As people, but certainly also as an organisation, we are responsible for our actions as well accountable for them. Batenburg Energietechniek has been active with CSR for many years. We continuously improve our business processes, taking into account the various interests of our stakeholders. We are currently further developing our CSR policy, in which we focus on the following four pillars:

Our employees are our greatest asset. And the customer is king. People we want to take good care of and with whom we wish to establish lasting relationships. We treat each other with respect, space for creativity and development is important.

We understand that our planet is not a commodity. We may not limit the opportunities for future generations. Therefore, we do not concentrate on the ‘what’, but above all on ‘how’.

When purchasing and selling our products, we take account of the environmental and social aspects. Together with our suppliers and customers, we look for improvements within our CSR policy and the subject of sustainability.

The application of CSR in our policy and daily actions is part of our own “P”, that of Practical. By continuously monitoring the internal and external aspects of our organisation, we gain insight into how we can improve our policy.



Batenburg Energietechniek B.V. is also a member of the SKAO and has its own web page there. In the future, we will also publish more documents on this subject on this page. View the page on SKAO.nl:



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