Surge arrester

Batenburg Energietechniek supplies turnstiles for the rail infrastructure, both light and heavy rail. Our surge arrester fully complies with ProRail specification SPC00302 with all the requirements set out therein. Through our conscious choice of materials, we have created the best tested electrical conductivity. The choice of materials ensures that our surge arrester meets ProRail's upcoming circularity requirements. Together with our self-healing function, this surge arrester is the right choice in sustainability.

When are surge arresters applied?

  • if the safety of persons in relation to electrocution is ensured;
  • if objects and installations are not damaged by an electrical defect in the traction power supply system;
  • if installations of train protection and third parties are not disrupted in their correct operation.
The Cembre system

The Cembre system

Our surge arrester is part of the (pole) rail connection, which we supply in its entirety. This means the Cembre system including the rail contacts, cable lugs and necessary tools according to ProRail specification SPC00117 and the surge arrester with cable as listed in ISV61310.

Everything is available from stock from our warehouse in Capelle aan den IJssel. As a certified Cembre dealer, we calibrate these tools in our workshop. Any repairs are also carried out here.


Operation of surge protection

See more information on the Batenburg and Soulé surge arrester versions here:

Batenburg DSV overview Public transport company Type number* Application Comment PDF
Light Rail BRU PDLVL100GP16     Download
  HTM PDLVL100G Inner-city   Download
    PDLVL100GP16 Outer-city   Download
  GVB PDLVL200GP12     Download
    PDLVL200GP16     Download
  RET PDLVL200GP16     Download
Heavy Rail ProRail PDLVL500/1500M SPC00302   Download
    PDLVL500/1500M OVS00085 incl. dsv adapter Download
    PDLVL500/1500M ISV61310 incl. dsv tripod Download
    CLS2RBY BEA00365 Soulé  

*Other voltages and versions available

We also supply the test equipment, Bourns tester, to properly test surge arresters and other options from stock. See the options below.

Bourns tester 4030-01 DSV adapter DSV Statief Soulé