Distribution transformers

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Oil-cooled transformers

Oil-cooled transformers

From 100 to 3150kVA, up to 36kV

Oil transformers are used in the energy network to transmit power from high to low voltage or vice versa. Distribution transformers connected to the grid after 1 July 2015 must comply with the ecodesign requirements set out in the EU 548-2014 Regulation. This means that liquid-cooled three-phase transformers up to 3150kVA with one winding with a maximum voltage of Um ≤ 24 kV and the other winding Um ≤ 1.1 kV must comply with the maximum established short-circuit and no-load losses.

With its renowned suppliers, Batenburg Energietechniek is able to meet these and the current IEC 60076 requirements. Our distribution transformers are available from 100kVA to 3150kVA up to a voltage level of 36 kV. Of course we can also supply power transformers up to 420kV and we offer solutions for various applications.

Cast resin transformers