The TENSOREX C+ is an innovative patented automatic spring tensioner that applies a constant tensile force to the contact wire and/or carrying cable of railway and tramway systems. This is to compensate for any variation in length, due to temperature influences during seasons. Compared to wheel tensioning with counterweight, the TENSOREX C+ is very compact (all measurements) thanks to the use of coil springs instead of weights.

Spring tension

Spring tension

The TENSOREX C+ is mounted at catenary level. In railway and tramway applications, the TENSOREX C+ is the solution for railway stations, tunnels, installations on gantries, bridges, narrow places, and wherever there is a need for safety.


  • For railways and tramways
  • Best solution for gantries, tunnels and platforms where safety is important
  • Inner-city installations where low visual impact is required


  • Sold worldwide
  • Patented system
  • Compensation length: 450-1100 mm
  • Line tension force: 7.5-40 kN


  • Reliable: each TENSOREX C+ is tested before being shipped to the customer
  • Compact design: easy handling and transport; the solution for installations
  • Quick installation: ready to install, no assembly required, no weights to install, time saved during installation
  • No tension weights required: vandal-proof, free space around mast, no obstructions
  • Maintenance-free
  • High precision: constant force over the entire range, fast and accurate, very small traction force hysteresis
  • Purely mechanical system: requires no additional power supply, no influences from temperature changes
  • Reduced risk of vandalism / theft
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitable for use in tunnels and areas with limited space
  • Various mounting solutions available for all kinds of applications
  • Reusable in case of wire breakage

Read more about Pfisterer's TENSOREX C+ here, or watch the video below: