Transformer substation

The purpose of a transformer substation can be to house your installation, transformer or a control room in which data cabinets are stored. Our transformer substations are prefabricated and almost always a customised solution. Solutions for renewable energy such as solar energy comprise our largest market. We supply our substations to grid operators, industrial companies, the horticultural sector and they are often found in urban areas.


Energy grid companies


Solar energy

Wind energy

Compact substation

Compact substation

A compact substation is a station in which all possible systems are installed such that these systems are accessible from the outside. This saves space due to the size of the substation. The appearance of these substations can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Our compact substations are also used as consumer substations that meet the specific requirements of an energy grid company as a transformer substation.

Accessible transformer substation
Consumer substation

Consumer substation

Batenburg Energietechniek supplies Accessible and Compact consumer substations that are used as transformer substations by energy and grid companies. The consumer substations provide space for the systems of the grid operators and the consumption metering of the metering company. Our consumer substations are built according to the design and equipment requirements of the grid operators such as Stedin, Enexis, Liander, Enduris and Cotec Netbeheer.  

Energy storage station
Special substation

Special substation

Special substations are customer-specific stations that must meet very specific requirements. Such substations include mobile stations, aluminium stations, underground stations or column stations.

These substations are often used for temporary purposes, or because they need to be well-integrated into the street scene.